WELCOME to the "fields of imagination," home of the hardest working creators in comic book publishing.

Work Horse Comics will be presenting a wide-range of comic books that cross all genres. We are heavily focused on the development of projects, and getting new talent and new creators published in the comics arena.

Work Horse Comics is a publishing house with a difference. Not only do we plan to be a platform for a wide range of projects,we want to get involved in films, planning toylines, and most importantly, we want to be involved with people who want to unlock their imagination.

We are striving to bring new faces and ideals to comic book entertainment, what we are calling the Titanium Age, a more inclusive, creative-driven universe. We have been joined by Charon Productions, Destiny Valley Comics, Glee Girl Comics, Leonine Press and Magic Quartz Comics, to bring you traditional and manga comic book entertainment.

Our comic books are intended to provide you, the reader, with edu-tainment, stories combined with historical fiction and fact, religious and sometimes even philosophical elements.

All this with page-turning action to keep you on the edge of your seat in anticipation.

From the manga inspired, action-packed anthro series Grizz Furry, to the superhero action of Team Max, Beware Of The Guarddog, and the all-new 32 page Dwayne McFadden: Blackwing #1.

Get involved by talking to us, and tell us what you think about this site, about Work Horse Comics, and about our goals.

Talk about us to others and pass on the Work Horse Comics name.


The Titanium Age is here. ONWARD!    

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