Real name: Berry Hil

Occupation: Crime Fighter. Crime Reporter.

Group Affiliation: Keystone Post staff.

Enemies: The Ghost, Radiant, The Laughing Skull, The Phantasm, Sister Hyde, Subzero, Spinesnapper, The Gorgon.

Base of Operations: New Keystone City

Known Relatives: Stephen, father(deceased) Anita, mother(deceased). Gary, uncle. Melonie, cousin. Cassandra Song, girlfriend.

First appearance: SILVER SREAK COMICS #6 (Lev Gleason Publications)

Modern appearance: THE FEARLESS DOUBLE-DARE #1

History: As a teenager, young Berry Hill and his parents were kidnapped the terrorist group F.I.S.T. Berry was tortured, but his father refused to reveal the secrets of several military projects he was working on. Both Stephen and his wife were executed, but the injured Berry was dropped off at a hospital across state lines. Once he recovered, Berry begin his training to become Double-Dare, scourge against crime.

Powers & Weapons: Berry has had extensive training in various armed combat techniques and various martial art styles. He is a superb marksman with various firearms, highly skilled athlete, excellent swimmer, adept in use of explosives.

Based upon "Daredevil" created by Jack Binder and Don Rico

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