Real Name: James Stearne

Occupation: Medical Doctor, Monster Hunter..

Known Relatives: Lucius(father), Brendel(eldest sister), Sheena(youngest sister), Olin(youngest brother).

Affiliations: Gloria Gale, Professor Edwin Gale.

Enemies: Monsters.

Base of Operation: Metropolis.

Original Appearance: DOC STEARNE (Wow Comics #260), MR. MONSTER (Triumph Comics #31).

Modern Appearance: ALL-TRIUMPH COMICS #1).

History: Jim Stearne is a doctor who turned his knowledge and skills toward combatting werewolves, vampires, ghouls, and other monstrous beings.

Powers & Weapons: Doc Monster is an experienced medical doctor as well as a fine marksman. He carries a heavy automatic and wears an armored costume. His helmet has a special lens that reveals paranormal entities.


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