Real Name:Adam West

Occupation: Crimefighter.

Known Relatives: Martin(father), Audrey(mother), Keiron (sibling)

Affiliations: Avenging Force, Maximum Justice, Team Max.

Enemies: Brotherhood Of Doom, Adaptron, Gronn, Lunatic, Black Mamba, Warmonger.

Base of Operation:Across USA.

First appearance: AVENGING FORCE #1

History: Crime-Stopper was a solo, urban vigilante until one of his encounters exposed a conspiracy that was greater than one person could handle. He conceived Avenging Force and sought out random superheroes that were willing to take up the challenge of this Great Threat.

Powers & Weapons: Crime-Stopper is armed with two automatic handguns that are often loaded wih rubber bullets. He is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant and is also well-versed in forensic investigation. He has four years of experience in military combat.

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