Real Name:Adam West

Occupation: Crimefighter.

Known Relatives: Martin(father), Audrey(mother), Keiron (sibling)

Affiliations: Avenging Force, Maximum Justice, Team Max.

Enemies: Brotherhood Of Doom, Adaptron, Gronn, Lunatic, Black Mamba, Warmonger.

Base of Operation:Across USA.

First appearance: AVENGING FORCE #1

History: Crime-Stopper was a solo, urban vigilante, until one of his encounters exposed a conspiracy that was greater than him alone. He conceived Avenging Force, and sought out random superheroes that were willing to take up the challenge of this Great Threat.

Powers & Weapons: Crime-Stopper is armed with two automatic handguns that are often loaded rubber bullets, he is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and is also skilled in forensic investigation. He has fours years of experience in military combat.

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