Real name: Craig Torry

Occupation: Security Consultant

Group Affiliation: Team Max

Enemies: Blackdawg, Firebug, Whipsaw, Shockwave, Subzero, Backbreaker, The Dawg Pound.

Base of Operations: New Gateway City

Known Relatives: Darrel, father. Bonita, mother. Glenn, brother.

First appearance: BEWARE OF THE GUARDDOG #1

History: Craig Torry is a "Golden Gloves"-winning boxer and a martial artist. While incarcerated, Craig was crippled in a riot, trying to protect the warden. While recovering from his injuries, the warden convinced Craig to volunteer for a dangerous, experimental treatment to restore the function of his legs and right arm, using cybernetic implants. Doctor Sybil Benning did the cybersurgery. Torry's rebuilt body contains "bionites", a nanite-like technology that causes rapid healing of physical wounds. However, the cybernetic components rely upon a data chip that must be replaced often.

Powers & Weapons: Guarddog has cybernetically enhanced strength, speed and senses. Guarddog also wields numerous non-lethal weapons, including a titanium baseball bat, shield and nunchucks.

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