Real Name: Not Admissible

Aliases: 00Soul, Princess.

Occupation: Government Agent. Former Ballerina.

Known Relatives: Karel(father), Berneice(mother), Geronimo(cousin), Makeda(cousin)

Affiliations: Reports to X, friend of Jinx Johnson, Mark Gambit, Makeda Jones, Geronimo Jones, Gareth Hawk.

Enemies: Arthur Blofield, Nathan Kane, Alex D'Range, Angela Goldfinger, Dr, Null, Xybernauts, Lockjaw, Skullcap, Iron Maiden, Dead-Eye, Marlo Fortune, False-Face, Tara Bloodstone, Professor Foster, Bacardi, Queenel Cortex, The Snake, Becker, Josiah Whale, Walter The Wolf, Coldblood, Rhino, Soo Lang, Sonya The Fox, Dragon Mom, S.P.E.C.T.O.R., Terrorists in general.

Base of Operation: Mobile Internationally.

First appearance: EBONY STORM, AGENT OF H.E.A.T. #1

History: Ebony grew up wanting to be a professional ballerina, and for a brief time she was, until she got too tall. She is a former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Marines, but now is a government agent of H.E.A.T. or High-risk Elite Action Team. She drives a customized maroon and white Ferarri.

Powers & Weapons: Ebony is a trained secret agent, skilled in all forms of martial arts and surveillance techniques. She is very proficient in Savate, developed from her training as a ballerina.

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