Real Name: Daniel Fort

Aliases: Danny, Dark Dahlia, Night Flower, Black Rose.

Occupation: Captain, U.S. Air Force.

Known Relatives: Noble(father), Sylvia(mother), Gary(brother)

Affiliations: The Eagle Squadron: Colonel Marie "Hardnose" Cole (commanding officer), Stuart "Reb" Folsom, Henry Hutchins, "Ugly" Harrison Chymes. Viola "Vi" Stephenson. Lillian "Lill" Brown.

Enemies: Terrorists. The Flaming Samitar. The Right Hand of Set. The Blazing Spear.

Base of Operation: International.

First Appearance: Fightin' Air Force #50(Charlton Comics, 1965)

Modern Appearance: WHC PRESENTS REBIRTH #6

History: Fighting Eagle is a fighter pilot in the Talon fighter squadron, most often flying in an F-117.

Powers & Weapons: Aside from the public knowledge of an F-117 being a stealth fighter, its weapons systems and armaments are classified.


FOOTNOTE: Based upon American Eagle, a character originally created by Charles Nicholas and Vince Alascia.

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