Real Name: Theodore Kord

Occupation: Futurist, Inventor, Billionaire, Philanthropist.

Known Relatives: Gerald(father), Audrey(mother), Elizabeth(sister), Nathan(adopted brother), Sheila(adopted sister).

Affiliations: Gerrie Wallace, Dr. Norman Holden, Maximum Justice, Spider Queen, Shadow Lady, Hell-Rider, Frostover, Samson.

Enemies: His uncle Jarvis Kord and his androids, Black Death, Crimson Torpedo, the Masked Marauder, the Men of the Mask, Destroyer of Heroes, the Octopus Gang, and the Madniks.

Base of Operation: New Gateway City.

First appearance: CAPTAIN ATOM #83 (Charlton Comics)


History: Growing up, Ted was extraordinarily bright. He was good at science, business, and everything else he tried. In college, he received degrees in Physics, Engineering, and Theoretical Mathematics. He took over his father's business, Kordtec, Inc, after David Kord was killed by the terrorist Black Death.

Powers & Weapons: Kord's signature equipment was his bug-shaped personal aircraft The Scarab, and the Buzz-Blaster, a pistol that could create a blinding flashes of light or a strong airblast.

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