Real Name: Technoboy #30

Aliases: Jayson Ross.

Function: Robot Fighter.

Known Relatives: Ethan ("father"), Jameela ("mother").

Affiliations: Stacie Nguyen (girlfriend), Diablo (robot dog).

Enemies: Dark Pharaoh, Neoroids, Technoboy Prime, Technoboy #2, Technoboy #4, Techoboy #18, Technoboy #22, Technoboy #25, Technoboy #27, Technoboy #28, Technoboy #29.

Base of Operation: Mobile


History: When Dark Pharaoh Xeoroid led the Machine Militia to attack their creator, Dr. Ethan Ross's home, Ross managed to escape with his wife and critically injured son, Jayson. Before Jayson died, his father was able to transfer his mind into Technoboy #30's memory core.

Powers & Weapons: Technoboy #30 has abilities that differ from the first twenty-nine Technoboy models, such as hyper-speed, augmented agility, and a golden 'T'-shaped solar panel that energizes a red and gray holographic battlesuit.

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