Real name: Not Admissible

Aliases: Jungle Prince, Brother of the Panther.

Occupation: Adventurer.

Known Relatives: Unknown.

Affiliations: Ayoo, Penda.

Enemies: Tuma, Archibald Keating, Ubaya, Slavers, Pirates in general.

Base of Operation: Congo.

First appearance: PENDA THE JUNGLE QUEEN #3

History: Kumi is the abandoned son of an African chieftain. He grew to be fiercely independent, and a protector of many of the jungle animals, saving them from those who hunt as trophies. He made friendship with the shamanese Ayoo after saving her from slavers.

Powers & Weapons: Skilled in fighting, and jungle survival. Later, was given enhanced strength and endurance, the effects of a potion given to him by a shaman.

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