Members: Mothman, Fireflyte, Coal Kitten, Mothwoman, Patrioteer, Jaguarman, Shadow Lady, Stellar.

Leader: Mothman.

Purpose: Fighting Maximum Injustice and other terrorist groups..

Affiliations: Rhonda Penney, Team Max, Momentum, Barry Cuda.

Enemies: Anarchy Circle ( Hoodoo, Komodo, Raptor, Hobgoblin, Lunatic, Syndy the Saloongirl, Blackguard), Maximum Injustice ( Achilles Prey, Adaptron, Alchemist, Algor Mortis, Ann R Key, Bad Penny, Baroness Blood, Vile, Beast), Suprememan, Extremist, Lethal Legion (Leader, Firebug, Moonbeam, Radion, Venom, Shockwave, Hammerhead, Hurricane), Vicious Circle, Demolition Crew.

First appearance: MAXIMUM JUSTICE #1

History: Several heroes meeting by chance against a great threat, in their case the terrorist, Black Death. Mothman was chosen as leader because he had the most experience, and resources. After defeating Pluto, the self-styled "Champions of Los Angeles" decided to stick together as a team

Powers & Weapons: Justice Towers. Nightwind, stealth transport aircraft. Breaking Grounds(training facilities).

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