Real Name: Not Admissible

Occupation: Resistance Fighter.

Known Relatives: Sanford(father), Caren(eldest daughter), Vincent(oldest twin son), Clifton(youngest twin son), Leeza(youngest daughter).

Affiliations: Lt. Nicole Luna, Cadet Nathan Russ.

Enemies: Jexur The Cruel.

Base of Operation: Space.

First appearance: ALTHARR JONES #1

History: Altharr Jones, his girlfriend Nicole Luna, the irrepressible Cadet Nathan Russ, and the protocol-driven robot W1KK1 find endless adventures while fighting and fleeing capture by the Black Fire Empire and its ruthless leader, Jexur.

Powers & Weapons: Altharr Jones is an experienced marksman and a highly trained hand-to-hand combatant. He had a brief, but rapid rise through the ranks of Deepspace Academy, and he exhibited strong leadership skills.

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