Real name: Vincent Henry

Occupation: Cybernetics Expert. Co-CEO of Combatec, Inc.

Group Affiliation: Partner of Hardshell.

Enemies: Lizard, Firebug, The 13th Circle, China Blue, Brothers Grimm, Brickwall, Tragedy, The Cold Front.

Base of Operations: New Gateway City

Known Relatives: Aaron, father. Carleen, mother. Sony, sister, Gerald, brother.

First appearance:Blazing Comics #1 (1944)

Modern appearance:SuperHeroes: HARDSHELL & YELLOWJACKET #1 (1944)

History: Yellowjacket wears a techno-organic suit which artificially enhanced his strength, speed, stamina, agility, reflexes, and reactions, and endurance to near superhuman levels. The micro techno-organic costume is of both unknown origin and design and grants Chu the ability to generate a powerful force field around himself, greatly increasing his body's resistance to physical injury. While surrounded by the field, Chu can withstand high caliber bullets, powerful impact forces, heat, punctures, and concussion without sustaining injury. The field not only protected him from physical attack, but it could also filter out harmful gases and protect him from extreme temperatures.

Powers & Weapons: His kinetic-powered suit enables him to fly via plasma flight-pack. Electrical bolt projection of sonic force blasts and electrical 'stings'.


Paraphernalia: Yellowjacket has a cybernetic helmet allowing him rudimentary telepathic communication with hornet and bumblebees. He can broadcast to range of 1 kilometer, depending on environmental conditions. Directed by cybernetic telepathic commands, the hornets are able to perform certain simple tasks. Yellowjacket is limited command one type of nest at a time.




Based upon the Yellowjacket appearing in Yellowjacket Comics #1, published by Charlton Comics.

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