Real Name: Daniel Garett

Occupation: Archaeologist, Freelance Forensic Investigator.

Known Relatives: Gerald(father), Audrey(mother), Elizabeth(sister), Nathan(adopted brother), Sheila(adopted sister).

Affiliations: Phillis Williams, Dr. Alberta Starr, Maximum Justice, Momentum, Team Max., Spider Queen, Shadow Lady, Hell-Rider, Frostover, Samson.

Enemies: Black Death, Crimson Torpedo, Exo-Man, Collapstar, Warwolf, Outrage, Succubus, Incubus, Ceberus, Warmonger, Harpy.

Base of Operation: New Century City.

First appearance: THE BATTLING BEETLE #1

History: While working a dig site in Egypt, Dan Garret is the first to discover the Temple Of Khafre and the mystical Azure Scarab inside. While reading the inscription at the base of the Relic Of Khafre, Garret was chosen as the new "Avatar Of Justice".

Powers & Weapons: The Battling Beetle is still learning about the abilities bestowed by the Azure Scarab, but so far has demonstrated invulnerability and superspeed.

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