Real Name: Britt Reese.

Occupation: Personal Injury Lawyer. Vigilante. Former U.S. soldier.

Known Relatives: Robert Reese (father). Jennifer Reese (mother).

Affiliations: Wild Bunch. Butterflyte. Officer Bryant Sellers and Officer Silas Morton.

Enemies: The Claw. The Ripper. Social predators.

Base of Operation: Queen City.

First Appearance: HELL-RIDER #1(Skywald)

Modern Appearance: ALL-NEW HELL-RIDER #1

History: As a youngster, Brice Reese survived a terrible fire which killed his sister Regina. Both he and his brother Russel were haunted by this trauma, and both used it to propel their lives forward in very different directions. Russel became a Baptist minister, while Reese became a lawyer, specializing in domestic abuse, all the while wanting to rescue innocent young lives. When he came too close to uncovering a group who had kidnapped children from across Gateway City, Brice's condo was blown up. He barely survived the blast, having a near-death experience in which he was visited by his sister, who told him he still had much to accomplish.
Six months later he awoke from a coma to discover that his body was badly damaged in the explosion, and his mobility would only be restored due to some experimental surgery and implants funded by celebrity philanthropist Nathan Russ, known for his quiet funding of various children's charities. Several months later when he was approaching the promised 80 per cent mobility, he visited Russ, and discovered that his benefactor had greater plans for him. If he wanted, he could take on some experimental nano-armour and become an avenger of the innocent. Recognizing the good he could do as a anti-hero, he agreed to become Hell-Rider.

Powers & Weapons: The surgery and implant Brice Reese received while in a medically-induced coma, restored ninety percent of normal mobility, but it was only in conjunction with the Hell-Rider armor that his full physical abilities were restored to him. The armor, which looked somewhat demonic, offered great protection from harm, being bullet-proof and heat resistant. Additionally, it could be boosted for four hours every day with extra energy which gave him enhanced strength, speed and agility. This energy boost was signalled by a surge of 'fire' which served also to intimidate those Hell-Rider is fighting. Although he can push the suit right up to the four hour limit, and slightly beyond, he found this physically exhausting, and does so only under the direst circumstances.

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