Real Name: Dane Merritt

Aliases: Fist Of Khephri

Occupation: Novelist.

Known Relatives: Ralph (father), Nicole(mother), Anthony (brother), Delroy(grandfather, deceased)

Affiliations: Anonymous, Shadow Lady

Enemies: Manx, Achilles Prey, Ginger Moss, Bat, Poltergeist, Wendigo, Faux Scarlet Scarab, Detective Lynne Logan, Clint Halbert, Veneer.

Base of Operation: Gateway City

First appearance: SCARLET SCARAB STRIKES #1

History: The Scarlet Scarab is an inherotor of 3000 year old tradition, of a masked avenger known as Scarlet Scarab. In the 1960s, Dane's grandfather was the last to hold the name. He was crippled in 1966 by a bullet that struck spinal cord, and Delroy passed to become the mask to his son Ralph, but was disappointed by his son's refusal to become the new Scarlet Scarab. However his grandson was anxious to become the new inheritor of the Scarab, and the wheelchair bound former superhero secretly began training him at the age of 8. Now a new champion has risen to protect the innocent. Dane became the 44th man to don the mantle of the Scarlet Scarab.

Powers & Weapons: Scarlet Scarab is very acrobatic, uses a grappling line to swing between building. Uses razor-sharp, scarlet beetle-faced throwing cards and smoke bombs.

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